Upravit stránku


Volume: 200 ml

Colour: neutral

► especially suited for exotic and synthetic leather

► gives the material its original elasticity and appearance

► protect the material from the weather

Volume: 50 ml

Color: 17 colors

► for treatment of footwear from smooth leather

► treats, nourishes and adds material elasticity and shine

► containing pigment for repairing scrapes

Volume: 100 ml

Colour: neutral

► top balm on footwear from smooth leather

► with high content beeswax

► regenerates, protects, nourishes and repels water

Volume: 75 grams

White color

► renovations to the white leather and synthetic shoes

► overlaps minor scratches and smudges

► with a high pigment content white

All of our products for the treatment of footwear meet the strictest criteria for quality and are made only in the countries of the European Union.

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