Upravit stránku


Volume: 250 ml and 400 ml

► impregnation based carbon (Carbon, PTFE) produced using NANO Technology

► prevents penetration of water, dirt and other substances to the material structure

► restores surface water-resistant Teflon treatment, of ion MaskTM

► suitable for membrane Gore-Tex, Sympa-Tex and under.

► in winter, reduces the formation of stains from salt to the shoe upper

Volume: 250 ml

Color: black, brown, neutral

► regenerates and nourishes hair velor-type materials (suede) and nubuck

► contains a UV filter, prevents fading and restores the color of the material

► in color varintách overlaps unavoidable impurities

► Suitable for membrane Gore-Tex, Sympa-Tex and under.

Volume: 250 ml

Colour: neutral

► for treatment and cleaning patent leather

► remove minor scratches and scrapes

► restores original luster

All of our products for the treatment of footwear meet the strictest criteria for quality and are made only in the countries of the European Union.